Working From Home? Target These 4 Main Areas With Our Muscle Massager

Working from home can be a pain. In fact any office job where you're sitting for long periods of time can lead to muscle pain. Muscle stiffness and soreness is super common among those who sit at a desk for prolonged periods of time. That's why our Deep Muscle Massager is here to help! Our Muscle Massager is perfect for alleviating pain and muscle soreness. Here are four main areas to target with the Deep Muscle Massager. 

Lower Back


Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can cause an immense amount of strain to your lower back. Whether you experience it as a sharp, searing pain or a dull ache, lower back pain can be serious business. Four out of five adults experience it at one point or another. That’s why our deep muscle massager is here to help! Focussing the Deep Muscle Massager on your lower back area is extremely beneficial. The deep vibration can help loosen stiffness in the lower back muscles and alleviate strain. This in turn will reduce lower back pain caused by sitting for prolonged periods of time. 

Upper Back 


Working from home at a desk for long hours can also have a huge impact on your upper back.  A lot of adults can be caught slouching in office chairs or rounding their shoulders. If their office chair is not ergonomically designed or they're not sitting in it with correct posture, this can lead to strain and muscle pain in the upper back region. Sitting up straight and focussing our Deep Muscle Massager on the muscles of your upper back will help alleviate strain and muscle tension. Really focus the Deep Muscle Massager on the lower trapezius muscle which is located at the  upper center of your back. Doing this will help loosen this muscle when it is tight. You should also supplement this with practicing correct posture while sitting at your office chair. 



Sitting at a desk from 9 to 5 can also cause a tremendous amount of strain to your shoulders.  Similar to the upper back, the upper trapezius muscles can become extremely sore and stiff when sitting for long periods of time. Additionally, your anterior, posterior and lateral deltoid muscles can become stiff and sore from sitting and extending your arms while typing for long periods of time. Using our Deep Muscle Massager on your shoulder and trap muscles is extremely beneficial for relieving this tension and pain. A lot of people tend to neglect their shoulders when it comes to stretching and massaging. That's why it's extremely important to target these muscles as well. 



Finally, it is very important to focus on relieving tension in your neck. Working from home and sitting at your desk for long hours can cause a postural issue called forward next syndrome. This is when your neck muscles are extremely tight in the front and extremely loose in the back, causing your neck to protrude forward. Our Deep Muscle Massager is perfect for relieving and fixing postural issues like this. No one likes a stiff neck, it is extremely uncomfortable. Focusing our deep muscle massager on the back and sides of your lower neck will help you loosen and relieve unwanted tension.