We Answer YOUR Questions on Deep Muscle Massagers

We’ve received loads of questions concerning the Deep Muscle Massager and we want to answer them for you! These massagers have become quite popular lately and we want to make sure you have lots of knowledge on them before you purchase. We collected the top 7 questions that people have asked. Check below to see the answers. 

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 Your 7 Questions:

What is a Deep Muscle Massager?

A Deep Muscle Massager is a massage tool used by many athletes and gym-goers. Essentially, it’s a tool that is used by anyone who needs a good massage after workouts. Most specifically, the Deep Muscle Massagemimics a “deep tissue massage” that treats musculoskeletal issues, sports injuries, and minor to major sprains in the body. 

What does a deep tissue massage do to muscles?

A deep tissue massage applies firm pressure and movement to the deep layers of your muscles. It helps to break up scar tissue and “knots'' in the muscles that cause pain and disrupt circulation. It helps to increase movement in the muscle and decrease inflammation. Think of this massage as warming up, relaxing, and preparing the muscles to heal.

How does a deep tissue massage help muscles?

They help muscles recover faster by undoing knots and tension that have been built up.  
It helps to relieve muscle pain in your neck, upper back, lower back, legs, shoulders, and more. It helps to make movement easier after injury and promotes a better range of movement for your body. It can also help the body flush out the toxins and lactic acid that may be built up over time. 

Will deep tissue massages help a pulled muscle?

Yes. A deep muscle massage will help increase blood circulation around the pulled muscle which helps it heal faster and more effectively. When you frequently massage the pulled muscle you allow oxygen and healing nutrients to reach layers of the muscle tissue. Always be careful not to push too deep into your muscles! You don’t want to cause more damage than what has already been done. Remember, massages do not have to hurt in order to work.

Do deep tissue massages help muscles grow?

It can! After a good work out, your muscles tend to be overactive and oversensitive. When you massage your muscles it gives them good stretch and causes them to relax and be prepared for another workout the next day. So, deep tissue massages don’t grow them on its own, instead it helps your body relax and recover making it easier for your muscles to get bigger and stronger over time.

Are deep tissue massages good for muscle spasms?

Yes. Muscle spasms can happen when you overuse muscles, keep your muscle in the same position for a while, or use the same muscle over and over again. A muscle could also be lacking proper blood flow and oxygen. A deep tissue massage reduces spasms by relieving the build-up of tension in your muscle. Again, that frequent movement  of the massager allows your muscle to receive more blood and oxygen and help relieve you of that spasm.

Can deep tissue massages cause muscle spasms? 

For the most part, spasms are not caused by massages. However, if you’re not careful and you dig too deep while massaging, you can strain and injure your muscle causing it to contract and relax repeatedly.They can also cause spasms if you don’t regularly get deep tissue massages - sometimes it’s too much for your body all at once. Always make sure to start off slow with massages and work your way up!

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