Top 10 Benefits of a Massage Gun

Massage guns have quickly become a favorite tool for many athletes everywhere. They help tremendously with muscle therapy and recovery. You can take these massage guns and use them wherever you need: at the gym, physio appointments, yoga classes, or right at home. They are known to give the same results as a deep tissue massage without having to book appointments and visit masseuses! 
They provide many benefits to your body while also being super convenient to use. We’ve racked up the top 10 benefits of a massage gun below. Read them and see if a massage gun would be perfect for you. We know it will be!

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Top 10 Benefits of a Massage Gun

1: Helps with Sports Performance

Right of the bat, massage guns help with injury prevention and recovery. When you use a massage gun, it improves muscle contraction and strengthens muscles and tissues in your body. Fluids and tension are released which helps improve circulation and boosts tissue metabolism. The massage gun will help relax your body and shorten recovery time between workouts and sport activities. Your power and performance will be improved in no time!

2: Helps to Heal and Provides Pain Relief 

When you use a massage gun the vibrations help improve blood and lymph circulation. The vibrations can be seen as a form of vibrational healing that provides a “percussive therapy” to the body. This type of healing is unique to each person's energy field but can help speed recovery improve motion and provide relief of pain. 

3: Helps with Rehabilitation

We know how much massages are key for rehabilitation. These massage guns work as a supplement to help encourage that process. Massages improve circulation for the muscles and tissues which help injured areas become flexible and heal faster over time. 

4: Helps to release Lactic Acid

During intense exercise lactic acid forms in the body when oxygen levels are low. This can make you feel exhausted or nauseous with cramp feelings in their body. When you use a massage gun it helps to release this build up of lactic acid and reverse the symptoms. 

5: Helps to Increase Blood Flow and Drains Lymphatic System

Obviously, massage guns increase the rate of blood flow within your body and helps to push the lymph nodes into removing waste and toxins from tissues. It helps to stimulate nerve receptors and control the build-up in the lymphatic system. 

6: Helps to Activate the Nervous System

The use of a massage gun will stimulate receptors in the nervous system and regulate the activity of the muscles in your body. The massage gun will release tension and relax your muscles over time. 

7: Helps to Relieve Muscle Spasms and Stiffness

If you suffer with muscle spasms and stiffness after intense workouts, a massage gun would be perfect to use. When you have a spasm, your body is lacking proper blood flow. The massage gun applies pressure to the muscles ligaments and tendons and helps them relax, thus reducing spasms and contractions in the body. 

8: Helps to Break Up Scar Tissue

The consistent movement of the massage gun helps to break down scar tissues which alleviate pain and restriction in your body. Since scar tissue is made of collagen fibres the vibration will help improve the elasticity of those tissues. It also helps with post surgery scar tissues! 

9: Helps to Enhance Your Range of Motion

With consistent use of massage guns on your body your muscles tendons ligaments connective tissues and joints will be worked to help aid your mobility. This helps your athletic performance and flexibility over time. You will be less prone to sprains or strains in your body.

10: Helps with Overall Benefits

When your muscles are relaxed and healthy, you improve much more in your health overall. You sleep better, your immunity is improved, and it even helps relieve depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, insomnia and more. 
Try out a massage gun today! You’ll be impressed by the benefits. Even if you think you are not an athlete, you are! So long as your body can move, you ARE an athlete. Keep your body healthy, relaxed, and strong. 
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