The Best Handheld Deep Tissue Massager for Tight Muscles

Top Qualities to Look for in Your Handheld Deep Tissue Massager for Tight Muscles:

1. Power

You want your handheld massager to have (1) enough power to make a difference and relieve your aches and pains as well as (2) enough power to massage from head to toe or even a second round of massage without needing recharge.

2. Attachments

Make sure the massager has the attachments that work for you and are able to reach and address the areas that affect you personally. Aches and pains evolve differently for each individual in all areas of the body, so make sure your massager has the attachments that are fit to the conditions of your body.

Most massagers come with 4 standard attachments, but some include up to 15 attachments.

3. Lightweight and Durable

Your massager is meant to relieve your stress, and the last thing you need is a heavy brick to treat your pains and aches, but you also wouldn't want your massager to break upon any impact so it must be durable and withstand breakage from any hand slips or falls of any kind.

4. Low Volume

Aches and pains can happen anywhere and evolve from any strenuous activities from your daily life and routines. Most quality massagers have low volume so that you can bring it with you and be able to treat your stressors outside your home without drawing too much attention.

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