Science behind the Deep Muscle Massager

Many may know of the numerous health benefits associated with the Deep Muscle Massager. But few know the actual science behind the device, and why it’s so helpful in aiding sore, tight muscles to relax. In today's blog, I will be diving into the science incorporated into the Deep Muscle Massager! 

The Deep Muscle Massager uses percussive vibration therapy to help reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). As percussive therapy becomes more popular, more studies are being released regarding its benefits. A 2014 study showed that both percussive vibration therapy and massage therapy are equally effective methods of preventing DOMS, meaning you’re less likely to feel muscle pain or tightness 24 to 72 hours after an intense workout. Being a handheld device, which is safe for usage anytime, anywhere is one of the main reasons the Deep Muscle Massager has become so popular. You can get a deep tissue massage at whatever time you’d like! 

The Deep Muscle Massager helps stimulate blood circulation and relieve stress from your aching muscles. Percussive therapy is a massage technique which targets deep tissues through continuous muscle vibration. This rapid, rhythmic pressure stimulates your muscles and nerve endings. It can also reach deeper into the focused areas of your body, stretching out even the tightest knots your body has to offer. 

The Deep Muscle Massager is a revolutionary product, sure to help with your muscle tightness and DOMS. Percussive therapy is a relatively new concept, and many experts are still learning about the full extent of benefits the massage gun provides. However, they are confident that massage guns are a safe and viable alternative to a traditional deep tissue massage. 

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