Massage Guns for Back Pain: Pros & Cons/2020 Reviews

After testing the Deep Muscle Massager over the past few weeks, I've really grown to love it. The handheld massager is a mainstay in my workout routine, and I love having it in my home. My experience has been very positive, using the massage gun before cardio and after lifting, but this device really is for everyone! To try and give you, the consumer, a better idea of what to expect, I've compiled all the advantages and disadvantages.


1. Power

Despite being compact and handheld, the deep muscle massager expertly penetrates the muscle area you need. Personally, I got my husband to use the gun on my back while I massaged my own shoulders and legs. With 3 different speed settings, I can adjust the gun to suit my needs. No matter how much power I need, I've been covered.

2. Short time, big benefit

Due to the excellent power and versatility, I don't need to get a 30 minute professional massage. I used the massage gun for 5 minutes before and after my workouts to prevent injury and soothe deep tissue. I save time while staying in the comfort of my home!

3. Portable

With no cord and an ergonomic grip, I can comfortably massage my whole body! It's so convenient to bring with me and after quarantine ends, I'm definitely going to be bringing my massage gun to the gym with me.


1. Price

This may be a concern to some people, so I decided to include this. The majority of massage guns can cost more than $100, which isn't reasonable for people who haven't used on before. One of my favorite aspects of the Deep Muscle Massager is the value. At only $80 dollars, you'd save hundreds by not going to the massage therapist. With great durability and effective power, its the massage gun on the market!

2. Pain and injury

Some massage guns only offer deep massages, with no other power/speed settings. An inexperienced person using a strong massage gun could cause further injury and pain instead of relief. However, another great aspect of the Deep Muscle Massage Gun is the variable speeds. A beginner can start on the lowest speed, and adjust once they get accustomed to it. No pain, no injury, no hassle.