How To Use The Massager For Neck/Upper Shoulder Pains

After a long rigorous workout, you’re likely going to feel a little sore afterwards. For those of you wondering why you get so sore after a workout, it’s because you’re actually creating little rips and tears in your muscle fibers from the exertion. That might sound pretty harmful at first and it can be if you are working out incorrectly, but as long as you give your body enough time to heal in between workout sessions, the muscles actually knit themselves back together stronger than before!

It’s due to this regrowth of stronger muscle tissue that causes you to feel less pain as you follow a routine workout consistently. What once used to tear the muscles no longer break those new and improved connective tissues; thus leading you to have a stronger and more toned body over all.

Now, muscle tissues and science aside, you’re here to learn how to use our massager to address those nagging aches and pains while they’re present. So get your massager ready as we break the process down into 5 simple steps that you can follow at home!

Pick the right head for the task

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If you bought our massage gun package and 6 different head set add-on, you'd probably be wondering what all those extra heads are for. As odd and random as some of the shapes may seem, they actually do each serve a purpose and target specific ailments. As we’ll be going over how to properly massage the neck/ upper shoulder area, we’ll only discuss two of those heads. 

Areas such as the neck are actually extremely delicate, therefore you will want to use a head that distributes an even pressure all around. In this case, we’d recommended either the round or a flat head attachment. 

You can try out both and see which one works best for you. 

Use the opposite arm or get a friend to help

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One common mistake when people use a massage gun on themselves, is that they think they should only use their dominant arm to hold the Massager. While you might think this gives you the most control, depending on which side you’re massaging, it can actually be counterintuitive to your goal!

When massaging the right side of your neck or shoulder, you should always use your left hand by reaching around from the front and vice versa. You shouldn’t use the same hand to massage the same side as by doing so you’re actually tensing the muscles you’re trying to relax. If you use the massage gun on already tensed muscles, the treatment won’t reach down as deep and the experience may even be a bit painful.

Therefore, the best way to use the massager to its maximum potential is to not only use opposite arms to massage the opposite side, but try to fully relax the side of your body you aim to massage. You can even stretch your neck out a bit towards the arm holding the massager to further open the area. 

If you find it too difficult to massage yourself alone with this method, you can also ask a friend to help you; but they wouldn’t know where exactly the painful areas are. Therefore it’s still best to apply this method of treatment on your own to reduce the risk of hurting yourself. 

Don’t apply too much pressure

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Though it might be tempting to press harder in order to reach those deep seated pains, as we said before, the neck is a delicate area. You could easily cause more damage than good by trying to press harder. Instead, if you find the massage treatment isn’t reaching as deep as you want you can try increasing the vibration setting or holding the massager over the area a bit longer. 

In general, you’ll want to hold the massage gun just close enough so it’ll rest flush against your neck with a slight bit of pressure. If you’re worried about applying too much pressure then don’t fear. If you’re massaging yourself incorrectly you will likely be able to feel it quite clearly as the experience will be more painful than helpful. 

Gently drag the gun up and down around the painful areas - avoid the throat

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Once you’ve found the sweet spot for a pressure that works for you, simply drag the Massager up and down your neck and over the shoulder areas. You can even bring it a bit under your jaw and behind your ear; but make sure not to drag it too far forward as you don’t want to accidentally end up punching your throat.

Using this method, just take your time moving up and down or drawing slight circular patterns. You can really experiment with this step as people have different experiences when it comes to where they find the pressure most helpful. Our Massager also comes with a built-in timer to ensure you don’t over massage one area, but in general you won’t want to massage your neck for any longer than 20 minutes tops. You also shouldn’t leave the massager aimed at one spot for over 2 minutes as you may end up experiencing a bit of bruising from over attention.

Find the right vibration level for you

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Like we said before in the pressure step, the vibration level needed can vary from person to person. If the Massage experience leaves you feeling nauseous or dizzy though, you should probably try setting the massager to the lowest setting and slowly working up from there. At no point should the massage feel incredibly uncomfortable; so don’t push yourself.

Experiment around with the settings, you may even find you need a high vibration level as you continue to workout; or perhaps you experience the opposite effect. Just make sure you listen to your body's ques and warning signs and you’re all set to enjoy the massaging experience!

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