How to Use a Deep Muscles Massager for Workout Recovery

Imagine you have just worked out your entire body really vigorously and feel great about yourself! But now it is time for workout recovery so that you can limit muscle soreness and pain when you wake up the next morning.  With the help of the Deep Muscle Massager, you will be able to tackle all your trouble spots.  You can overcome muscle soreness, relieve body fatigue, combat stiffness and spasms. Enjoy the deep tissue massage anywhere you go! In this blog post we will be sharing with you the tips and tricks on how to properly use the Deep Muscle Massager, specifically for workout recovery! 


How To Use The Deep Muscle Massager

The Deep Muscle Massager is fairly simple to use and incredibly beneficial for your overall physical health.  We will be providing you with the step by step instructions, so that your experience with the Deep Muscle Massager is as effective as possible.  


  1. We recommend having the Deep Muscle Massager on before it reaches in contact with the part of the body that is being targeted.  If you were to turn it on after placing it on your body then this can cause your muscles to jerk and be shocked with the unexpected motion.  This can even cause bruising in extreme cases.  
  2. After turning the Deep Muscle Massager on, we recommend playing around with it to see what speed setting suits you the most. Start off with the lowest speed and see if you need to increase the intensity.  If you start off with a really high speed, this can cause a lot of pain and make your entire massaging experience ineffective. Keep in mind that just because you are able to withstand a higher intensity doesn't always mean that it will get the job done.  Always be aware of how much your body can withstand because if you don't then this can cause extreme soreness and inflammation.  
  3. After adjusting the speed setting, it is recommended to hover your massaging device on top of the areas of the body that you wish to focus on.  If you apply too much pressure this can end up doing more harm than good.  The massaging gun will do the job for you, just move the device over the area and focus on applying little to know pressure.  
  4. The last thing to keep in mind when using the Deep Muscle Massager for workout recovery is to always relax.  Remember to let loose and let the massaging gun do what it is supposed to! 


How Long is it Recommended to Use the Deep Muscle Massager

You can use the massaging gun for 30 seconds to 2 minutes on the area that you will focus on, when in need to recover after an intense workout. Remember too much is never a good thing! As mentioned earlier the massaging gun helps to recover and release, so we recommend using the massaging gun for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the speed setting of your choice. After working out, we experience a pump because of the increase in blood flow and with the help of you massaging your different muscle groups you help stabilize your body after that rigorous training. Repeat the process multiple times throughout the day for a maximum of 2 minutes at a time and remember to take breaks between each time you use this machine.  


This has now brought us to the end of the blog post. We hope that you are now familiar with the basics surrounding how to use the Deep Muscle Massager and how long it is recommended to have it on.  Head over to our website and place an order now! Click here to add to cart!