Healing my Back Pain: A Customer Review

Throughout my life I have always seen myself as a strongly built person. From my early teenage years I fell in love with the gym and working out all together. From my job experience as a construction worker, I have gained and used my strength a great deal, whether it's lifting goods, using power tools/heavy machinery, or simply utilizing my stamina. At 26 years of age I absolutely love this line of work and definitely see myself continuing down this path to hopefully own my own practice one day. 

The only downside to working this job is the aches and pains I get from an everyday job. Regardless of the task at hand, there is usually a great deal of lifting, and stressing the muscles, especially my back, which can be even worse if you lift improperly. After a while of using your legs and arms, the back has to be brought in as support, and eventually fully takes over for the sore muscles, so really, the back muscles are used every single day. 

Throughout all of this I have resorted to multiple different pain relievers but nothing has completely done the trick. I first used Voltaren to try and lower the pain but that only helped for the moment, not the long term. I had dabbled into some doctor recommended creams like LivRelief and Rub A535 but nothing was my saving grace. I also tried Dr. Ho's massage tools to try and dumb-down the pain but again, the pain proved to be too strong. Initially, I thought that if I worked out more and built my muscles up this would alleviate the pain, but really just made me more tired in the day. I knew it was how I was lifting, but still, pain snuck its way into my back nearly every single day. I made it my goal to determine my go-to pain reliever before the year of 2020 ended. 

Hopeful to come across some incredible machine, I began the search. Since COVID-19 had knocked out all possible options of shopping in-person, online was my only option to succeed. Click after click, I wasn't getting anything. Constant Google search's made me lose hope, I decided to pack it in for the night. 

I am a big user of TikTok and Instagram in my spare time quite often, as honestly, there isn't much else to do other than work. While constantly scrolling my explore feed, I came across an influencer who I had heard of. By looking at the caption I knew it was a sponsored ad and that it had something to do with muscle pains. I decided to watch the whole video and found myself a possible option to relieve my chronic pain. I clicked through to the link that was posted in the ad and immediately began reading the information about the product this influencer had posted. 

After spending a good amount of time doing some due diligence on the product, I thought to myself, why not? I had tried so many times and failed to find the perfect item for me, so anything I saw that I thought had potential, I purchased. Luckily this massage gun product was at one heck of a price so it made it easier for me to click purchase. Now, it was all up to time. 

After some more days of working, I finally received the package in my PO box. It probably took around 5 days so I was super happy about that, especially with all the negative going on in the world. I instantly opened the box and began to read through the manual and instructions to see how this thing actually operated. Finally it was time, the first time I had held the gun in my hand, I knew I was ready to go. 

I first decided to try it on my arm, near my tricep muscle, which I had pulled working out a few days prior. Wow! The massage gun started going and I couldn't believe how great it felt on my arm. The pressure was perfect nothing was hurting, so I thought 'Hey, now it's time for the big one.' I tried to fit my head around how I was going to massage my own back with this thing, but I did my best. I didn't quite hit every spot I would've liked but I got some solid spots and definitely felt great after. Thankfully, I called up my girlfriend who was going to come over to cook dinner in a few hours, and asked her if she would be able to help me out with this. Of course she said yes and said she would head over now. 

Once she arrived we said our hellos and I headed over to the couch to lay down on my stomach. She started the gun and I was in pure bliss. The thing was actually working! I could not believe it. I told her to continue with it as it really was seeming to help me. Never would I have ever thought some TikTok product would be this fantastic. 

For the next few months, every time she came over I asked her to massage my back. Fast forward to today, it's the end of April in 2021. I have been using the Deep Muscle Massage Gun for nearly 5 months and have fallen completely in love. Although I still do get some pain from work, this thing has made a drastic difference in my life. I now go to work everyday not worrying about if my back is going to fold on me. My girlfriend continues to help me daily with my back and I know that has had a huge factor in my life. I have stayed consistent with it and am looking to continue the near-daily massages to ensure my back pain goes away entirely. 

I honestly cannot believe I found such a fantastic machine. Without it, I may have had to quit my job to seek relief, but this thing is basically a physiotherapist at home! I notice that my overall spirits and feelings have been happier now that the back pain isn't weighing on me. To anyone out there in the situation I was and still am in, this product is perfect for you. For an extremely affordable price I was able to get the home remedy I needed to continue to succeed in my work and everyday life. I give my highest level of recommendation to any and all parties interested on the market right now. This thing is sure to help you with whatever muscle pain you have, as long as you stay consistent and stay patient. 

I would like to give a big thank you to the experts at Deep Muscle Massager for developing such a fantastic product. Without you I would never have felt so amazing with my life, and would've stayed on the lookout for the next-best thing. I couldn't have imagined going another day without it, and now, it has become a part of my daily routine. 

I am in love with this product, and I'm sure anyone who purchases will be too. Stick true to this product and you will see results! 


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