Does a Handheld Muscle Massager Gun really work?

What do they do?

Designed to aid with lack of mobility, muscular pain, joint pain, back pain and neck pain, massage guns are portable, cheap and consistent. A lot of handheld massagers come with heat features that can increase blood-flow and aid in healing. Percussion massagers are meant for deep muscle massages and handheld portable massage guns are great for back and neck pain. 

What should I look for?

The best part about the deep muscle massager that I've been using, is that it combines all the features in a comfortable machine that helps you avoid multiple trips to the therapist. A lot of massagers in the market today are exclusively percussion, handheld or heat and it is ideal to find a massager that combines all three. Heat for blood circulation, percussion for muscle relief and handheld for joints and stiffness.

Handheld physical vs electronic stimulator?

Electrical massage guns use sticky pads to activate muscles and relief tension through electronic pulses. Handheld physical guns use contact, heat and pressure to interact with your bodies scar tissue and muscles. An excellent benefit of electronic stimulation is muscle building and toning, combined with relief. With use up to 40 mins at a time and one to three times per day, which is the healthy recommended amount for electronic massages, the individual still won't get as much stimulation as regular exercise. So, if you're still going to be active and working out anyway, the cordless handheld massage guns are portable and are better for deep muscle relief. A regular back and neck massage with a physical gun is less dangerous and provides better long term relief compared to electronic muscle stimulation.


Deep muscle massager combines every desirable trait while effectively relieving pain and tension. I've been using mine before and after my workouts and I won't ever stop!