Best Massage Gun for 2020: Deep Muscle's Massager

With at-home fitness becoming a necessity in our daily lives, it's important to maintain our range of motion and strength while being mindful of injuries. Also, with how hard it is to go outside, people are much more susceptible to chronic aches, pains, and muscle soreness. Massage therapists professionals highly recommend handheld massagers for at-home use. However, which one is best?

To provide readers with the best recommendation possible, I ordered 9 at-home massagers ranging from $10-$200, from electrical stimulation to physical muscle massages. I tested them week to week, rotating between them to see which one would be more effective for my workouts and my wife's backpain. I do a lot of weightlifting and calisthenics while my wife walks on the treadmill every night. We found that the Deep Muscle Massager(linked below) was, overall, the best.

Unlike electrical stimulation, this portable massager can reach deep muscle tissue effectively. So my sore joints and scar tissue are taken care of, despite the massager being cheaper and safer! Also, the ergonomic design of the Deep Muscle Massager was the most comfortable for daily use, giving me full range of motion to massage any part of my body. Some expensive massagers were too fancy without focusing on the customer experience, having uncomfortable handles and unnecessary colors. The Deep Muscle Massager is all you'll need. Lastly, the cheaper handheld massagers didn't have multiple speed settings, while this one does at only a fraction more. With better speed settings and options, the Deep Muscle Massagers' versatility speaks for itself.

Out of the 9 muscle massagers that I've tried out for the past 6 months, the Deep Muscle Massagers gave me the best value, and it's what I'll be using for a long time.