7 Reasons Why You Need The Deep Muscles Massager For Singles Day!

Here we are, November is upon us, and the Fall weather has gotten everyone into the traditional vibes of pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin patches, and watching the leaves fall. For many, this is the best time of year to enjoy the natural beauty of the world, but for others, especially E-Commerce brands, November is a huge time for savings. At first, most people might think of Black Friday and the massive discounts associated with that day, but I like to think a bit more about the E-Commerce holiday specialty known as Singles Day. With all the amazing deals going around on 11/11, I think it's time to reveal our top seven reasons as to why you NEED to have this muscle massager this Singles Day. This is easily the top muscle gun on the market and is sure to bring you exactly what you need when it comes to muscle fatigue and recovery. All you need to do is keep reading. These prominent reasons are why we're the #1 rated Muscle Massager on the market! 


7. Massive Price Reduction

To crack the top of this fun-filled list, I think it's VITAL to mention the fact that our team has been able to rip the price down to a fraction of what our competitors list at. If you take some time to dive throughout the online marketplace, you'll come across multiple brands listing a similar muscle pain reliever at upwards of $399.99! That's absolutely ridiculous, and we aren't going to sit around and let these things go down. Instead of breaking the bank and creating a pressurized purchase, our top-rated massage gun comes in at a mere $79.95! That's just over 5 TIMES less than other competitors. Make sure you don't fall for this trap on Singles Day, and P.S. there's going to be even more savings coming! 


6. 3-Speed Setting Capabilities

Having a massage gun that works takes some innovation. Maybe one of the ones you've tried in the past wasn't strong enough or even too light. That's why we've allowed each and every one of our customers to change the way they relieve their pain with our three-speed settings. With ease, you can choose from levels 1 to 3 and help your muscles in a unique way amongst each. Level 1 features a 20Hz (Hertz) speed that we refer to as the awakening period of your muscle relief. Levels 2 and 3 begin to relax and decompose the lactic acid within your body and give you the ultimate muscle calming sense that instantly boosts your confidence and strength!


5. Super Silent Technology

Worried about using this in public places? No need to stress we've given you the added boost of our newly innovative Super Silent Technologies. No matter where you're headed you can whip out this massage gun and put it to use, and not a soul around you will hear a peep! We've worked as hard as we possibly can to bring our decibel noise down to a minimum, and now we're extremely happy to announce our massage gun emits 20-39Dbs, which is as quiet as a whisper. Even if you're in a crowded area, this superb massage gun can get the job done without alerting every person around you! Seems like a great purchase to make this Singles Day.


4. Efficient Working Time + Rechargeable

I know sometimes bringing electronics out and about can be a bit of an issue with the battery life of your everyday products. That's one spot we've been in, and we knew when our massage gun was in the blueprints phase, we had to give our customers a fantastic battery.  Not only do we want to keep your muscle massager active throughout the day, but we've innovated to stand the test of time and give you an elongated lifespan! Our massage gun is packed with a 15000mAh lithium-ion battery that features a rechargeable function. With all the operation of the massage gun, you can get around 4 to 6 hours of pure hardworking muscle relaxation!   


3. Includes 4 Massage Heads

No matter where you're muscle pain lies in your body, our electric massager has your back through anything! We've gone ahead and added four unique and personalized massage heads that collaborate perfectly to work across your entire body. Whether you need a massage around your arm or on your leg, one of our massage heads is 100% guaranteed to bring you a positive experience. We've designed each massage head with a specific function to bring you nothing but the purest of pain relief while working at a rapid pace. Everything comes together to make the ideal product to ensure you can recover like an elite athlete. Your Singles Day is in NEED of one of these guys, so don't miss out on the juiciest of 11/11 deals!


2. Makes For A Great Gift

For any of you out there looking to add a great gift to your holiday repertoire, we know for a fact this Deep Muscle Massager is going to add a bang to your checklist! Think about all the amazing positives mentioned above, and give that to a loved one or a close friend who could use it graciously. Not only that, but you can also save yourself a great deal of cash instead of grabbing any other muscle relaxation alternative. Getting one of these as a gift seems like a win-win in my eyes, so why not spend your Singles Day Shopping picking up one of these unique & innovative massage guns. Our Champion Athlete trusted muscle massagers are the top-rated muscle relaxation choice on the market, so rest assured this gift will work PERFECTLY!


1. Bonus Travel Case

When you pick up one of these Deep Muscle Massagers, you'll have no worries when it comes to the portability of the muscle relaxer. Not only is the massage gun a perfect handheld size, but we're also throwing in an EVA Travel Storage Box! This case is the perfect pairing for your high-quality muscle massager. It's got space for every individual massage head that's also included with you're purchase and keeps all your muscle relaxation needs organized and in one space! There's no better time to grab all this amazement than Singles Day 2021, we've got you covered with everything you could ever need. 


All in all, this massage gun is jam-packed with a ton of muscle relaxation possibilities waiting for you! Our team of experts has worked as hard as possible to ensure that your Singles Day is going to be the best one yet, and for that to happen, this Deep Muscle Massager has to be in your cart. We hope 11/11 is filled with nothing but happiness and smiles, and we hope to see YOU joining our community and following the path of thousands upon thousands who've relieved their muscular fatigue! Happy 11/11. 


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