5 Reasons To Buy A Deep Muscles Massager

These muscle massage guns are growing in popularity, on social media, in gyms and between friends, but why? Here are five compelling reasons to buy one for your at home workouts, yoga, neighborhood walks and at-home work.


1. Pain Management

While muscle massage/therapy guns are excellent for post-workout pain and injury treatment, they have many uses for daily life as well. Lissa Bankston, director of human performance at Theragun, explained how percussive therapy helps with pain by interfering with pain signals to your brain - overriding the brain's pain signal, which can provide temporary relief from pain. Also, back and neck pain is easily and efficiently relieved through controlled massages. 

2. Enhanced Performance

 By using the deep muscle massager before and after workouts, you can prepare and loosen your muscles for greater stability and strength. Health experts always recommend stretching, but adding rollers and massages into the mix will help to increase dexterity, flexibility, and twitch muscle strength! The muscle massagers are the perfect addition to any warm-up.

3. Intensity and Depth

Unlike simply rolling or stretching, massage guns target and reach deep tissue, stretching and warming up all your muscles. The force and intensity creates heat in the muscle, causing greater blood-flow and nerve stimulation. By warming up the deep muscle tissue, you can prevent delayed onset muscle soreness!

4. Improves Sleep and Happiness

 Since the gadget emulates an intense massage, it is commonly used for relaxation and comfort. By deregulating the nervous system, the massage gun effectively calms, soothes and destresses the user. Any aches and pains can be soothed before you go to sleep.

5. Cost and Comfort

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars going to a massage therapist, you can massage yourself, whenever you need in the comfort of your own home or gym. Portability is also a massive advantage, conveniently bringing it to wherever you feel like you need it - from the comfort of your own home to your workplace(which these days are pretty much the same thing).