3 Real Reasons Why the Deep Muscle Massager is the Perfect Workout Tool!


Over the past few years, massage guns have become a viral product and a hot commodity on the market. With so many efficient and tremendous uses, massage guns can truly help you out when your muscles need it most! With experts and athletes trusting massage guns for their recovery, more and more people have become open to trying out this fantastic machine! With that in mind, I give those out there in search of a massage gun three prominent reasons as to why this Deep Muscle Massager is the perfect workout tool! 


1. 4-Massage Head Use

When browsing the market for the best possible massage gun, having a wide variety of uses is vital. With this eccentric Muscle Massager, you now have the opportunity to utilize four individual massage heads! Each of these heads has a specific range of uses, allowing you to cover your entire body with ease! The first head relieves muscle pain in thick tissue areas, while the second helps with massaging joints, giving you a large area of usage in just the first two! The third option gives relief to the Cervical Vertebra, the area where your back and neck are becoming one, while the fourth is used for muscle relaxation. With these four unbeatable muscle heads, you have now opened yourself up to pain relief like no other! 

2. Three-Speed Setting

On top of the exceptional 4-headed monster, this massage gun brings, it is equipped with three relaxing speed settings that are sure to help your every muscular need! The first level is comprised of 20Hz of power, giving your muscles an awakening they are in much need of after a hard workout. This power is perfect to begin your muscle relaxation and will get you going down the right path of peace and tranquility! The second level is composed of 30Hz of power going directly to your muscles. This phase is known as the 'Fascia Relaxation' and directly concerns the tissues surrounding your muscles. Having your Fascia go back to where it was before your workout is crucial for you to have a successful relief of your pain. The final speed setting decomposes the lactic acid your muscles give off after a workout. With 40Hz of power going straight to your muscles, this is where a majority of your pain relief will occur. This is where the 'oohs' and 'ahs' of pain relief start to kick in! 


3. Super Silent Technology

With all these positives, the last thing you want is a massage gun that makes quite a lot of noise, especially when you are at the gym trying to use this. With the innovative Super Silent Technology, you can utilize this amazing massage gun without having to hear any noise! On average, approximately 65 Decibels is what it takes to have a quiet functioning product this Deep Muscle Massager is 20-39 Decibels! That is a DRASTIC drop-off from the common ground 65 and will truly show you that there is no noise when using this product! Additionally, this massage gun uses Intelitopia Massagers alongside a high-precision mold to create the least noise possible! Intelitopia is 5.2 TIMES quieter compared to 60 other massage guns currently on the market! The Intelitopia allows the machine head to be tightly connected to the body and allows for even further noise-reduction with smooth sliding! Overall, you can expect to receive the quietest, accommodating massage gun you will ever use!


All in all, the many positives of this Deep Muscle Massager make this a must-buy for all gym-goers and workout-lovers! The impeccable massage heads partnered with the various speed settings and the exceptionally quiet motor combine to give you a unique product like no other! Pick one of these up today, and never worry about your muscle soreness again! 



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