2020 Recap: What YOU Think About Deep Muscle Massagers

We all know 2020 has been a long year and a very different one in fact! For months, we have been dealing with a pandemic that caused us to stay at home for quite a while. Though it was difficult, some turned their quarantine time into something great. Many of our customers took quarantine as an advantage and dedicated more time to getting fit right at home. In this blog post, we're going to show you what our 2020 customers thought about our Deep Muscle Massagers! You'll be able to see that our massagers were perfect purchases for them, especially during this year. 


Cassie, 25

When quarantine happened my gym and my physio clinic closed down. I would go to the gym two-three times a week and I would always have massages  done to help my muscles recoup. Since I had to work from home I had to resort to using a foam roller at first to help with muscle relaxation. My boyfriend bought me this Deep Muscle Massager and I haven't gone back to that roller. I was able to get such a deep massage in almost every corner of my body. It mimics a real massage for me and now I don't even think I need to go back to my physio clinic that frequently. Such a great purchase! I'm glad I got it as a gift. 


Mikey, 26

I was an avid gym-goer and it all came to a stop when quarantine happened in my city. All gyms closed down and I was forced to find things at home that I can use as gym equipment. I was able to make a makeshift gym right in my basement but when it came to recovery that's where my deep muscle massager came in. I purchased it to help with muscle relaxation and it did just that! I was able to massage my muscles right after my workout which helped me go harder in my next sessions at home. 


Hamza, 31

I already owned a Deep Muscle Massager and it still works great for me. Now, I teach online gym sessions and I always suggest that my clients get a deep muscle massager. The majority of my class purchased one and I can see a huge difference in their ability to do more when it comes to flexibility. This is such a wise investment to make if you are someone who is always active. I've had mine for a year and I have absolutely no complaints.


Silas, 25

A couple months ago I used to go to the gym quite frequently but we went into lockdown and we had to start working out from home. This Deep Muscle Massager helped me massage each area of my body perfectly! Thank God that this massager comes with different headpieces. I was able to reach the same trigger spots that my physiotherapist reached. 


Gina, 32

I bought this Deep Muscle Massager just so I could have massages at home, haha! I'm not really into fitness, but I do enjoy massages from time to time. I work as a nurse and I am on my feet all day and this massager helps work out tight muscles in my body that I get from all that standing, walking, kneeling, and running in the hospital. I'm sure this would be great for those who are super into fitness. 


Connor, 19

I play basketball competitively and my coach gifted one for every guy on the team last year. We used this after every play and practice. It works great for me. I use it now even more after I do my at-home workouts to make sure my muscles are repairing properly. If you play basketball or any intense sport, I would recommend getting a deep muscle massager to help you recover faster. 


Will, 47

What a lifesaver! I started going to the gym and physio to improve my body movement and strength, but when quarantine happened this year I had to stop. My physiotherapist gave me exercises to do at home and recommended getting a deep muscle massager to help massage out muscles in the meantime. This massager has helped tremendously in making my muscles feel relaxed and rejuvenated for my next exercise day. 


See? We knew our Deep Muscle Massager would come in handy! They’re the perfect tool for getting that massage right at home and keeping you fit and healthy. If you don’t have one already, this massager would be perfect to get for the new year. Stay tuned for the sales that we have coming up!


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